sâmbătă, 31 ianuarie 2015

Baby b

I know you will leave a mark,
Everyone does.
But you're still not knowing it.
I was trying to reach you,
But maybe it's not the time.
I must take care of myself.
You must do the same for you.
I know you know jokes.
And you know I like them.
I've seen your look,
Terrible look.
You've seen mine,
You call me lady,
Which I am not.
Not in that way.
I'm just an ordinary girl,
But you are nice being respectful.
I will not see your look again,
The decision was taken.
You won't see my smile again,
The end has happened.
You left that mark on me,
Making me wonder,
Wanting to discover more,
And more...
I know you will miss me,
And I know you'll have the courage
When I'm gone.
Will you have the courage to search for me?
I know you wouldn't do it.
You think this is funny,
It happens all the time.
You are used to it,
And no one does nothing.
None of them,
None of us.
I had some conversations with you
Last night.
You will never remember this.
Where are you?
You were a piece
In the whole puzzle.
I was struggling,
I want to give up.
You had your chance,
I showed you some signs.
Now it's not worth it

marți, 20 ianuarie 2015


I am above the clouds
And I am under.
I am above the earth
And I am under.
I am in the east
And in the west
In the same time.
I am in north
And in south
In the same moment.
I'm seeking the happiness,
And happiness is seeking me.
I am easy as the wind
And I can fly all over.
I forget to close my eyes,
In order to do this.
I forget to let it go,
And I create limits for my mind.
I'm not afraid,
I just don't see the beauty anymore.
I want to dream,
But I don't remember it how.
Or it's just
That I don't care it anymore.
I know I am all over the places
And everything seen
Lies inside of me.
You, him, they are all inside of me,
I touched them with a thought,
A look
A word,
And they became part of me.
They are waves of immaterial stuff,
And they are passing through me
Like I'm passing through everything.
The whole universe is mine,
As well as them.
I am in every thing I see,
I just forget.
Like there is some point I wanna run to,
And the point gets far far away.
I'm gonna end in nowhere,
If i am not already.
Want to seek the happiness inside of me,
I know outside there isn't.
I don't have courage,
And passion,
And nothing more.
I left them in nowhere.
Wanna wake up
Before it's too late.